Here you will find a collection of artwork created by Shaun Schellings.

Shaun has been painting for most of his life on canvas and through digital painting. Most recently he has been inspired to paint spiritual artwork that we hopes will inspire and awaken your soul. Previously Shaun only painted realism, which he loved at the time, however he felt it lacked a certain soul, a soul that he was unsure of how to unlock. Over the past year Shaun has been on a spiritual journey of self discovery and through this process has unlocked a myriad of creativity and self belief which has allowed him to paint in the way he does today. Shaun came to learn that he was in fact holding himself back, believing that he wasn't good enough to be an artist. However with the removable of self doubt, and breaking down of the walls that had been holding him back, Shaun has begun to create images that represent his experiences and who he is as a person. The ideas for these paintings come as images or visions that don't leave until he paints them. They contain the level of expression and soul he's been looking for and are created with a great sense of joy and excitement. We hope that you enjoy them as much as Shaun has enjoyed creating them. 2009 was a year of great change and significance in Shaun's life and this has been the beginning of the artwork you see here on our site. Enjoy the awakening as seen through Shaun eyes, expressed in the form of art.

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